At Tell Time Fun, we believe that children have an abundance of curiosity, and telling time at an early age encourages learning, builds confidence and time management skills.

When our daughter was three years old, she started to show interest in the concept of time; often asking what time is it Mommy? When is it lunch time? How long is 30 mins? What time do I go to school?

We felt it was time to teach her about time but couldn't find an analogue watch that was easy to teach her and have her easily read time by herself.  The watches we found were more of an accessory or toy.  Or the watches were confusing for kids to learn to tell time correctly.

So we decided to create a better watch for easy early learning and for her to easily tell time herself.

We designed the watch to solve the two common confusions children have when telling time: when the hour hand is between hours, and reading the minutes accurately.

Tell Time Fun watches features a smarter, more innovative way for kids to tell time. Our watches have an easy-to-read dial face with intuitive colours, designs, and “hand locations” that make it simpler to read numbers and increments.

Our watches help build early learning confidence, have accurate Japanese quartz movement, adorable fun watch designs, and comfortable lightweight adjustable nylon straps.

We made the learning watch we wanted for our daughter and we hope your child enjoys the watch as much as our daughter did!